Every Arc Vector is unique. They are as unique as each of their owners.


Part of the customer journey to owning a Vector includes a tailoring session with an Arc designer. Working with you to create your dream colour and material finish. During this session, your measurements will be taken, tuning your Vector to create the perfect geometry fit - so you can be in it, not on it. 

Customers will soon have the opportunity to buy a bespoke Jacket, professionally tailored to their physique, complementing their perfect creation. We are developing a full head scan process, to facilitate the creation of a unique Zenith helmet for each owner.

  • Hand Crafted in the UK
  • Personal 1:1 service
  • Everything tailored to you
  • Experience the future - Now


Arc's hotline is available all day seven-days-a-week. Arc's dedicated mechanics are on standby and can travel to anywhere in the world to assist you, should it be required. Nevertheless, with long service intervals, minimal moving parts and diagnostic work that can be made remotely from Arc HQ, reliability is expected to be excellent and customers can rest assured that Arc's products are built to be ridden whenever and wherever the desire takes them.

Boutique Arc sales and servicing centres will spring up in key territories as the brand becomes established internationally.


The new HMI system is designed to make use of the foremost Advanced Rider-Assistance Systems (ARAS) available and provide assistive information to the rider. Allowing them to see, feel and hear more potential hazards around them, arming the rider with the information required to be safe. 

Vector is the only electric motorcycle in the world to have it's battery casing fully reg100 certified – a test normally only undertaken by automotive OEM's. So you know, in the event of an accident your bike will be doing everything to keep you as safe as possible. 



Our battery cells are the absolute cutting-edge, and Arc is the first motorcycle manufacturer to use this technology. The battery packaging has been developed to be completely modular, flexible, and legacy-free, maximised for simplicity, space and mass-reduction.

The powercell produces 399 units of voltage, giving a realistic range of about 200 miles in urban use and 120 miles on the highway. That's about 30% more than any comparable EV. The NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) showed a 362-mile urban range, which is the drive-cycle often quoted by companies.


Please send us your details and a message and a team member will be in touch shortly, or call us on +44 (0)2476 920045 or email sales@arcvehicle.com

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