News 06 November 2018

Introducing the Arc Vector at EICMA


It's here! After keeping our masterpiece secret over the last 18 months, it’s finally time to reveal our one of a kind (well… 399) design; the world’s first fully electric neo-cafe racer, Vector.

Vector is built around the Arc philosophy structural battery monocoque construction. The innovation doesn’t stop there, we are also unveiling the Arc Pilot System incorporating the Zenith helmet, with fighter pilot style head up display and Origin, a bespoke leather jacket with a haptic response under-armour; warning you of blind side obstacles and enhancing your ride.

The Vector with the Arc Pilot System will change the way we ride bikes. All the ride info comes through a heads-up display in the helmet giving the rider improved "head up" time allowing them to focus on their ride - the helmet also doubles up as the ignition key. Riding feedback and notifications pulse through th electronics in your jacket - which in Euphoric mode can also play music through your body - a spine tingling sensation!

All of this and more will be revealed at EICMA 2018. a Virtual Reality experience is available on the stand that will allow show goers to immerse themselves in the riding experience through both the Zenith HUD helmet and the Origin systems - we look forward to sharing it with you.

The Vector promises to be one of the most innovative launches at EICMA 2018.

Catch us in the UK at Motorcycle Live from the 17th.