News 04 March 2019

Human-Machine Interface?


Each Vector will be custom made and will come with a helmet and jacket that form part of the Arc Pilot System.

The Zenith Helmet features a HUD built into the visor that can display speed, GPS, revs along with a rear-view camera for better road awareness that can be shown through the HUD and displays automatically when the bike detects anything in the rider's blind spot. The Helmet also doubles as the bike’s keyless ignition fob.

Like the Vector bike, the Zenith helmet is a perfect illustration of traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology. The composite-fibre full-face Hedon helmet has had the rear-view camera integrated, along with the image processor and battery, in the back of the helmet hidden in the shell. The anti-bacterial microfiber, calfskin lining and internal protective material gives access to the electronics, allowing a perfectly smooth contour on the outside, cosy comfort on the inside, and practicality, thus staying true to Arc’s design DNA

Arc Origin represents a game-changing advance in intelligent technology. Creating a more immersive ride experience. ​Utilising High-definition Audio transducers embedded in Knox armour, Arc Origin communicates with the rider using haptic feedback ​wirelessly. Controlled via the bikes on-board vehicle control unit, the transducers are able to provide real-time advanced rider assistance systems (ARAS) using the on-board sensors, cameras and radar etc.​This feedback may vibrate to alert of a potential hazard, provide dynamic performance-based feedback, or enhance the thrilling sensation when on a stimulating ride

There are 3 modes to the system:

Urban Mode

Focused on safety. Alerting the rider to dangers such as vehicles in their blind spot with a moving tap, working it’s way intuitively up the riders back as the hazard gets closer, or full body notification for a forward collision warning.

Sports Mode

Rider feedback on the bike’s dynamic position, using G-Force related data from the on bike sensors to provide a graduated level of feedback. This tells the rider how close to machine is to the limit. The harder you brake the more feedback you receive.

Euphoric Mode

For the thrill of the moment. This allows the rider to play music through the haptics while riding, simulating the bass through the haptic transducers. This technology has been refined from the entertainment world.