News 29 July 2022



​​​​​10 Arc customers will be offered a once in a life - time opportunity to join the Arc team and play a starring role in the development of the Arc HMI System. Each lucky participant will receive a limited 1 of 10 Angel Edition (AE) Vector motorcycles that will have a raft of never to be repeated features.

Once their personalised Vector AE’s have been received “Angels” will embark on a testing program to try prototype versions of the HMI system on tracks in the UK and America. Their direct feedback will be incorporated into the system to define and improve it until it is ready for the open road. Arc Angels will then have their Vector AE motorcycles upgraded and receive beta versions of the HMI system for them to test in a real-world environment. After a further feedback loop and final testing, Angels will be provided with the first production versions free of charge, before the system is opened- up and offered to customers across the Arc motorcycle range.

This is an incredibly bold move by Arc and goes way beyond making Tesla style software updates to customer vehicles. Arc’s vision to make 10 customers part of the Arc family and include them in the testing of transformative new technologies that could change the face of motorcycling for the future - Is revolutionary.

“We have been working on the Arc HMI for some time, and now is the time to get our customers involved in what we are doing - what better way than through the AE program. We wanted to give those involved in the AE Program the ultimate peek behind the curtain. How often do you get to be part of the development of such ground-breaking technology, integrated into the Arc family and the project team? We expect the project to take 2 years from customers receiving their Angel Edition Vectors, so we are looking for customers that can set aside the amount of time they will need to complete the project, 5-10 days, and the commitment to be able to stay the course.” Mark Truman

“This is an incredibly important step for motorcycling that has many layers. Initially it’s about creating a system that can heighten the enjoyment of riding motorcycles as well as saving the lives of many motorcyclists each year. But the development of the HMI has also many long- term benefits, increasing the number of motorcyclists on the road each year due to the interest from more tech minded generations that are coming of age is one. Another is starting to equip motorcycles with the technology needed to make them viable in the connected world of more autonomous vehicles. In the future the ability to connect to the IOT (Internet of things) and the integration of AR (Alternative Reality) technology into systems like this will make motorcycling far safer and allow people to make the most of their ride” Mark Truman