Arc is on a mission to explore Earth in state-of-the-art style, combined with a promise to try to protect it.

Meet the Arc Family

Arc is a British business, committed to building products out of our UK HQ.

We are a heady mix of Engineers, Designers and Business Leaders who have worked across diverse vehicle projects and beyond. We have been lucky enough to be part of some of the highest performance, prestigious and luxurious vehicles ever created. We incorporate technical specialities not normally found at vehicle makers at all - Arc takes a real first principle approach.

We love journeys and experiences, some of us like travelling quickly, some are more methodical and technical. But we hold one thing in common - attitude. To unselfishly do the best that can be done with the technology and materials around us. It is this attitude which when pulled together makes Arc such a special business, and in turn, makes special vehicles.

You will find no business more dedicated to the pursuit of perfection in its field. The Arc family is welcoming and inclusive - we look forward to getting to know you more.

CEO Mark Truman


To be Spirited - in every sense of the word - in every action we

To be Brave and Uncompromising - to take the road that others
shy away from and to light the way for those to follow.

To Facilitate the Escape - creating products, experiences and
journeys that set us free.

To be True - We may finish the job with our heads,
but we lead with our hearts.

To chase Perfection - in our ideas, our concepts, our design, our
engineering, our quality...Always restless.

We are alchemists, combining worlds together.
We are purposeful, beautiful melting pot - challenging perception.
We built machines that confront the elements while protecting them - machines that feel
like second nature.
We are craftspeople, perfectionists, masters of our individual arts, striving together to
produce motorcycles to be proud of.


We at Arc are all enthusiasts passionate about vehicles and the enjoyment and meaning they can bring whether they be motorcycles, boats or snowmobiles. The changing world with ever-demanding regulations and restrictions means we have to invent new ways of doing what we love, and Arc sets out to do this without compromise. Other bikes and vehicles will follow as we establish Arc as the world's leading premium electric motorbike and recreational vehicle OEM.

Despite global ambitions though, we're not building on an assembly line. This is a modern craftsmanship business, and all our machines will be hand-built. We are a British brand with a strong, uncompromising ethos. we are a business that's trying to do the right things for the right reasons. We're very passionate about what we do and want that to come through in the experience. Vector is the first contribution to that cause, using Arc as a voice for change.


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